Meet Contemporary Media, Inc.: Jane Schneider

Get to know the faces behind our publications: Contemporary Media, Inc. is the parent publishing company of Memphis Flyer, MBQ: Inside Memphis Business, Memphis magazine and Memphis Parent.

Meet Jane Schneider: Editor, Memphis Parent

1. What does your position entail? I help writers develop stories for Memphis Parent as well as write and edit my own work. I also contribute stories to MBQ and Memphis magazine. The cool thing about being an editor is that you come up with a concept and see it through to completion. A parenting magazine is also very diverse, from producing fashion spreads to toy-testing, I find it very creative work.   

2. How did you get into this industry and what insight can you give someone interested in this industry that is journalism, marketing, advertising, and the like? I started out as a reporter in TV news and eventually worked in Boston. To me, the most important trait to have as a journalist is curiosity. Be curious about the world around you, discover why things are the way they are.

3. On an off day from work, you will find me ... spending time outdoors; either swimming, biking, or hiking. I also play a mean game of pool.

4. What is number one on your Memphis bucket list? I share one trait with many locals; I’ve never toured Graceland. I have grown to admire Elvis, so I guess I should pay my respects.

5. How long have you worked here? I began as Memphis Parent’s editor in July 1999. I had exactly three weeks to put together my first issue. It was baptism by fire.

6. Are you a Memphis parent? If so, how many kids do you have and what advice can you offer Memphis Parent readers? I have one son, Evan. He was 4 when I began with the magazine; he is now 19 and a college sophomore. My best advice: listen to your children. We often give our kids everything but our undivided attention. I think kids want us to come down to their level and listen to what’s on their heart. If you start doing that when they’re little, then you’ll lay the foundation for a strong and loving relationship.

7. When did you know that you loved words and wanted to use them to tell people a story? I remember recording interviews with my cousins on my dad’s reel-to-reel in seventh grade. I still love interviewing and the discovery process of a story. Writing, on the other hand, can sometimes feel like work.

8. Tell me anything else interesting about yourself. Your favorite book, movie, part about working here, your dog’s ridiculous name, anything! I love the National Parks. It was an inspiring concept, saving these wild places for future generations. So in my next chapter, I hope to become a guide and share my passion with others. For now, I enjoy contributing stories when I travel to places like Yellowstone or Mesa Verde. You can read them at

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